What is coaching?

Coaching is a solutions-based practice that focuses on the present and where it is you want to go. Together we work to make better and smarter decisions based on the goals you want to obtain and ultimately create a more balanced life. Coaching works because of three unique features:

  • Synergy: Client and coach become a team, focusing on the client’s goals and needs and accomplishing more than the client would alone.
  • Structure: With a coach, a client takes more actions, thinks bigger and gets the job done, thanks to the accountability a coach provides.
  • Expertise: The coach knows how to help people to make more money, better decisions, set the best goals and restructure their professional and personal lives for maximum productivity.

When working in a corporate team environment, a coach may work in a couple ways – with each person on the team individually and with the group as a whole. Working individually with managers or supervisors and helping them clarify and work toward professional and personal goals specific to the type of work they do makes it easier for them to incorporate the coaching into the things they do on a daily basis. When the individuals on your team begin to thrive, the entire team benefits. When your team thrives, your entire company benefits.

For more information on how to implement coaching in your corporate environment, contact Heather Woody at coachheather10@gmail.com or 319-404-4984.