Leadership Excellence:  What is stopping or shortchanging the results your organizational leaders are delivering? If you want to become a more significant, influential, respectful and intentional leader who can and will get results, this session is for you and your company.

The Trustworthy Leader:  What sets apart the highly effective leaders?  What are the leaders who are “getting it done” doing differently?  Or is it more about WHO they are being and WHAT they are growing within themselves, their relationships and their organization?  If you want to learn about the behaviors of highly respected and trusted leaders and understand how it will impact everything you and your leadership are doing, let’s connect.

EQ 101 or the Workplace:  Studies continue to reveal that emotions really do have a direct impact on your organizational outcomes. How can something that we really can’t see or is so intangible have such a resounding impact on our career success, our relationship success and our organizational deliverables?  Emotional Intelligence is the greatest opportunity for the growth and development of your employees and is directly connected to the bottom line. If you would like to raise the Emotional Intelligence of your organization, this session is for you and your company.

Coaching for Performance:  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could impact and influence the performances of your team members in an efficient and highly respectful way?  Wouldn’t it be so beneficial to have the tools and language to close the gaps and move the mountains that stand between you and your employee’s greatest outcomes?  How great would it be to watch others experience success in their work and to make unique contributions around high impact deliverables? Let’s connect and schedule your training session today.

Being a Dynamic Contributor:  Do you know how to perform?  What does successful performance look like in your organization?  Do the people in your company understand how to “hit the ball out of the park?”  Do they know how to deliver on their priorities?  Do they understand how to stand out, how to bring their core talents, strengths, and skills into their work?  What if the people of your organization were more engaged? Let’s connect and schedule your training session today.

Bridging Generations:  Seek to understand, then be understood.  What would happen if the four generations working side by side UNDERSTOOD?  How can we maximize the uniqueness of each generation represented in your workplace impact the results and the experience of your company’s success?  How can we capitalize on the wisdom of time and experience while sharpening our edges with fresh perspective and information? Let’s connect and schedule your training session today.

I LOVE CONFLICT!:  Who says that…ever?  How on the earth could conflict ever benefit you and your organization?  Want to get the best ideas to come to the surface, to maximize the thinking and solutions capacity of your team members and reduce any underlying drama and tension in your organization?  What if people could bring conversations to THE EDGE in constructive ways, push on one another’s ideas and perspectives, and challenge one another in ways that will elevate best thinking through conflict?  What if individuals had the skills, the language and the resolve to find solutions amongst one another and to build one another up through bringing to light, their disagreements and difficulties? Let’s connect and schedule your training session today.

The Healthy Workplace:  What makes a workplace healthy?  Does it just mean that we work in a place where the employee breakroom refrigerator is free from mold and stench?  Could it mean that the way that people feel when they come to work and engage in their objectives could be inspiring, meaningful and free from the distraction of unhealthy relationships and demeaning responsibilities?  What if we knew how to drive out toxicity and drama?  How could people perform if they were held accountable in ways that inspire people to get better every day? Let’s connect and schedule your training session today.

Values-Based Organizations:  What matters the most to your customers and clients?  What principles have the most meaning to your employees?  How do you wish to be known in your industry or community?  How does your organization apply their highest values that come from the answers to the two preceding questions, in the work of your organization, into your conversations and your decisions?  What does your organization stand to gain by being Values-Based? Let’s connect and schedule your training session today.

Rock Star Customer Service:  How do you treat and regard your internal customers?  Do you understand that this is one of the key determinates of how your external customer is experiencing the customer service your company provides?  If your customer was asked to use one or two words to describe the experience they have with your company, what would they say?  And why wouldn’t you want it to be ROCK STARS?  Do you understand how easy it can be to be the BEST at customer service? Let’s connect and schedule your training session today.

DISC Behavioral Profiling:  The personalities and behaviors of the members of your team directly impact the experiences and outcomes that you and your team get.  Understanding each unique piece of the puzzle and how those come together to make one awesome picture is a valuable and fulfilling endeavor.  Taking the time to invest in each individual, their unique strengths and opportunities, their own communication preferences and their work style can be very rewarding and insightful to not only the individuals but to the team within which they work.  This simple, online tool provides a wealth of insight that is immediately delivered to the participant.  The DISC Profile will help to grow individual awareness and guidance.  The most self-aware people are most often the most successful people in life and at work. Let’s connect and schedule your training session today.

Use Your Muscle – Putting Your Strengths, Gifts, and Talents to Work:  What if you could do more and be more? If you knew you could be more fulfilled in how and what you get done, feeling strong and complete, what would change?  What if you could work using only your strengths, gifts and talents?  And why in the world would you invest any significant amount of time into your areas of weakness?  Isn’t that what conventional wisdom tells us to do?  Well, yes, it is!  Doesn’t it make the most sense to go where the strength is?  If you want to perform, feel more joy and get better results more often, go where the strengths live. Let’s connect and schedule your training session today.