I have had the privilege to receive professional coaching from Ms. Woody for about 6 years and the #1 thing that she brings to our meetings each time is her passion. Ms. Woody has an energy that is infectious and that helps me to be a better problem solver and deal easier with issues that arise with my workload and team management.  She is not a person to “sugar coat” tough conversations and I always appreciate her toughness. She sets tough goals for me and holds me accountable.  Ms. Woody has been an invaluable asset for me and I truly appreciate how she has helped shape my life in a positive way over the course of our time together.

I owe her more than words can say……

 Mike Zehtner, Kryton Engineered Metals | Vice-President of Business Development


I have found professional coaching with Heather has been extremely valuable to myself and our whole team. Heather listens and equips you with the tools that will help make you, as a person successful which in turn helps make the company more successful. She helps make all of us better people. She has been an asset in helping Kryton move in the right direction. Heather is a BRILLANT coach!

Brandie White, Kryton Engineered Metals | Director of Human Resources


Heather is an incredible coach and mentor, she has made a profound difference for me in my life as well as my company. Her energy seems endless, and she has a way of holding you accountable. She is a dynamic woman who by coming from her Heart, has a unique insight and tremendous ability to connect with people where they really are at, inspiring and nurturing them to move in a positive direction. My company and I personally would not be where we are if not for Heather’s years of professional coaching.

Kevin R Harberts | President/CEO


Our organization has had the pleasure of working with Heather Woody since before we even opened for business.  Our business model is truly unique (no, really).  We knew we needed professional assistance in order to successfully:

  • Define the inherent conflicts
  • Forge a vision and mission which our disparate stakeholders would enthusiastically embrace
  • Express that vision and mission in ways which would actually live in our day-to-day efforts

Clearly, this was a tall order.  Heather brought an understanding of our uniqueness and our goals based on pre-work she completed with us.  In our two-day session, we witnessed the characteristics which led us through the toughest conversations:

  •  An engaging enthusiasm
  • An agile, articulate, well-educated, experienced coaching style
  • An infectious competitiveness inspiring a universal desire to succeed

The result was a successful launch of a one-of-a-kind enterprise.  Ms. Woody has been kind enough to meet with our team over the ensuing years in order to keep us on track pursuing our vision and mission.  Given the response from our interested parties, it is more than fair to say she has been successful.  So have we.

R Lee Belfield, General Manager | The Hotel at Kirkwood Center


Working with Heather over the past 3 years has been incredibly impactful on me personally and my business professionals.  She brings a unique skill set and thought-process to the table, which allows myself and my team to handle problems more effectively.  Her energy is contagious and her experience working with companies in and out of our industry is extremely valuable.  Heather has allowed me to think bigger, take monumental steps in my personal and professional journey, and find balance in my life and career.

Garrett Brander, Northwestern Mutual Managing Director


I have had the great pleasure of partnering with Heather over the last 10 years, as she provided coaching for UnityPoint leaders, teams, and executives. What I love about Heather is that she ALWAYS brings her “A” game. Her passion for tapping into individual’s and team talents is contagious. She has a wonderful blend of offering positive encouragement while insisting on personal accountability. Her questions are thoughtful and lead to introspection and insight. It is a joy to work with Heather.

Mary Ann Osborn, RN, MA, Vice President Care Transformation | UnityPoint Health